Look Up: Your Destiny is In Front of You!


3 Tips for Staying Positive and Focused to Reach Your Dreams

Have you ever been so focused on arriving at your destination that you didn’t even realize you were already there? Just the other day,  I was following GPS directions to somewhere I had never driven before, and kept looking in every direction to find the place. I finally lifted my head and realized that the address was right in front of me! I had arrived and didn’t event know that I had made it! Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in the details of our goals that we never even notice the progress we’ve made to get there. Here are three tips that I found to work while being positive and focused to reach your dreams.

Ask for Guidance

You are not alone in life and you will begin to realize this once you start asking and searching for God.I take time every morning to talk to God (usually in the shower) and I ask Him for guidance. I ask Him to keep my eyes and ears open for what He’s trying to show me. I ask Him to help me see in my day through blessings and encouragement. My recent trials and new journey with entrepreneurship have truly shown me just how much I need Him everyday and I am so thankful for this revelation because it has taught me to seek His counsel and acknowledge His presence in my life!

Reflection: Search for the Answers 

While you’re asking for guidance, it’s important to remember to search for the answers. Remember what you asked Him for and analyze the conversations and encounters that you have throughout the day. Did any of these engagements provide the answers to what you were looking for? At the end of the day review what you’ve gone through to search for your answer. Sometimes you have to be still in order to realize that the answer has been revealed, but you have to be in a place of quiet in order to recognize and receive it.

Talk About It: Remind Yourself Where You’re Going

We’re often taught that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity; however, I find that the older I  get the more I do it! And now, I really don’t think that it’s sign of craziness, but a means of organizing my thoughts and plans. Call it what you want, but it works!

About a year ago, I had the opportunity  to spend time with a successful entrepreneur and she provided a book recommendation that has been so valuable to my growth in this area. Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich” shows that wealth generation starts with a positive mindset and that the formula for changing your attitude is through daily affirmations of your goals. Write them down and repeat them aloud daily. This form of auto-suggestion will seep into the depths of your soul to the point of belief and you will eventually begin to act upon the things you desire. So remember to actively reflect on your goals by saying them aloud. Not only will they keep you focused, but they will transition your dreams to reality!

While you’re doing these things, you’ll need to remember to look up from time-to-time. You may just realize that you’re closer than you thought you were…and that you just might have arrived!


Motivation, Where are You?



Have you ever felt stuck in a rut or found yourself looking for the inspiration to keep picking up your tired feet to keep moving? Sometimes, even when you love what you do, it’s hard to find the inspiration to keep going. Why? I’ve found there’s several reasons. Let me know if you agree:

You’re Drained: Giving it your all requires a lot of energy! Not only do you have to account time for work and following your dreams, but there has to be enough left in your tank for family, friends, and other daily tasks that present themselves. It can leave you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything!

Unexpected Emergencies: There are situations that appear out of the blue that need your immediate attention: there’s a death in the family; your car quit running; your son is sick. These items take you away from your daily routine, putting you behind in what you planned to accomplish for the day. Now, not only do you need the energy to deal with what just happened, but to also finish the work that you planned on completing during that time period.

Negative Work Relationships: Has someone recently slighted you; promising to deliver one thing and not following through? What about the annoying co-worker or boss that continues to spew negative energy with complaints? Or your paycheck is short and you’re worried about how to survive the next few weeks?

I bet you’re wondering, “Is there any hope? Will my mojo ever kick back in? When will I ever be motivated again?”

Here’s some sure-fire tips to grease your motivation gears:

Remember Your ‘Why’: Revisit your ‘why’.There’s a reason you started your business, began looking for a new job or set a new  goal. Remember what inspired you to take a stand and start the process. Your purpose is usually tied to fulfilling a dream or realizing that change needs to happen. My ‘why’ involves helping others and leaving a legacy for my child. I founded JRobinson DMS to help small businesses and non-profits create an online presence; allowing them the time to re-invest their energy into what they do best. I want to grow this effort to a profitable state, leaving my son the option of keeping the dream alive or selling it to the benefit our family. Remember your why when life gets tough and all looks lost. It will help you to dig deep and stay the course!

Remember Your Why

Remain Positive: Attitude is everything! What you think about has a way of coming to fruition. Find beauty in the little things. You’ll find that focusing on something positive will turn daily tasks and situations around. My mother sends me a scripture every day and the verse is usually about being encouraged or remembering the source of your strength. I wait for her text to begin my work day because I know it will provide the inspiration I need to give it another try to keep moving forward.

Stay Focused: Remaining focused is tough. Life throws you curveballs of distraction on a daily basis. There are things that happen that ruin your plans or routine, making it hard to get back on track. I’ve found when this happens, the best thing to do is focus on one task at a time. It’s important to prioritize what needs to be completed that day because chances are you won’t be able finish everything planned. Take a deep breath, count to 10, or what ever needs to be done to clear your mind and get back to it!

If you’re having a hard time committing to any of the suggestions mentioned above, remember that prayer works too! Ask Him for help with remembering your ‘why’, remaining positive and staying focused. He’ll give you the answer to keep pushing and to carry on!

Yours in the bond,

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services


What If God Was One of Us?



WatchAlanis Morissette: What If God Was One of Us?

Does anybody remember this popular song from the mid 90’s? As a teenager, I sang along with Alanis Morissette as she belted out her timely rendition of “What if God was One of Us?”. The message instantly resonated with me. To humanize God makes Him real and tangible; but there’s still something majestic about Him, even in a form that we can identify with. I was reminded of this thought and the song in an encounter I had the other day. It touched my soul and I feel that I must share it with you in this blog to show that God shows up exactly when you need Him…and as a real person, just like you and me.

Most of you probably don’t know this, but to supplement my income, I drive with Uber. It’s been a good experience because not only do I make extra money, but it encourages me to get out and interact with new people on a daily basis. Any how, back to the point. I picked up a customer from an airport yesterday to take him to ANOTHER airport on the opposite side of town for his flight that departed within the hour. Before he got in the car, he asked me if he we’d be able to make it on time; and I was honest, telling him we’d be cutting it extremely close. If you live in a major city where it takes forever to get to the other side of town because of traffic, you may realize that my response might have been an understatement; nevertheless, he took the risk and we proceeded to drive across-town.

As a driver, you learn to take your cues from your customer regarding whether or not you should hold a conversation. If they aren’t receptive to your greeting and remain quiet, you stay quiet. This customer was not that type of customer! He was affable and open to chit-chat; so that’s what we did. He began to reveal some deep life concepts about his recent experiences. One of the comments I remember vividly was “we all go through hardships; but if you continue to put positivity back into the universe, it will be returned”. He went on to describe a recent business struggle that he was currently going through but was confident that it would work it self out.



He told me that the reason he was self-assured is because when he looked back on his life and reflected on the struggles he went through, he realized they weren’t as bad as he’d made them out to be. He did, however, acknowledge that in the midst of turmoil, the burden seemed extremely heavy; like it was too much for one person to handle.

I believe this expression is one we can all relate with. When we’re struggling, we isolate ourselves, placing a magnifying glass on the problem. We believe that our lives, hopes, and dreams are crumbling before our very own eyes, until we put the issue into perspective.

Once we open our eyes to look beyond our personal problems, we are able to see that we aren’t the only ones with problems. There’s the woman down the street who just received a cancer diagnosis. Or what about your friend from church who just lost her mother? And let’s not forget the recent mass shootings of the victims in an Orlando night club. Many people lost their, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, friends and loved ones on that fateful night.

So I guess the moral of life’s story is to look beyond yourself and help others while you’re going through your own struggles.You’ll feel better when you brighten someone else’s day. And while you’re in the midst of helping and reaching out to others, you’ll look up and notice that the storm clouds have left and have been replaced with a rainbow! In the words of the late Kidd Kraddick, “Keep looking up, ’cause that’s where it all is!”

Enjoy life, my friends!

JRobinson, JRobinson Digital Media Services