The Most Valuable Business Element Is…

Satan tried to steal my joy earlier this week because I din’t get the project that I spent so many consecutive hours (almost 48) working on and lost the bid. I had my pity party moment, doubted my capabilities, and felt bad about the people I let down because I didn’t get the gig. I thought God was sending me this opportunity as a means of making some extra income; it would have been an answer that could have easily solved some of my current money issues. But after further reflection, I believe that He wanted me to learn a different lesson.

I told my husband that I didn’t get the job and his immediate response was,”Well, at least you have a couple of clients that like your work”. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but my response was that it’s hard to eat with only a couple of clients. I’m so grateful that I have such an insightful husband (and he probably wasn’t even trying to be in that moment), but his statement stuck with me because he was right!

God wants me to appreciate what I already have, and I truly am thankful for my clients. They have not only been a blessing to me through supporting my business, but they are amazing people! They are my confidants, I’ve shared successes stories and failures with them. Together we have been through good times and bad times, and when I reflect on the history of my relationships with them, I can truly say that they are my friends.

Value Your Customer

There are many ways to show your customers that you value their business and relationship; here are a few of my favoritess:

  • Make It Personal Do you know your client’s favorite restaurant or drink? What do they like to do in their spare time? Treat your customer with a gift certificate, or if time permits and they’re comfortable with it, take them out to their favorite spot and celebrate your business partnership together!
  • Do Something Unexpected Hand-written notes  are always a pleasant surprise when you’re displaying an attitude of gratitude! Not only will your customer feel appreciated, but the memory will linger with them for the rest of the day and serve as a great moment of reflection for years to come
  • Verbal Thanks A simple expression of thanks goes a long way. Call or your client or meet them in person, thanking them for your relationship and why they are valuable.

Not sure how or where to start? I’ll kick it off!

Thank you, Kimberlee Wright with Young Women Winning, PJ Payne with Your Coffee Fix, and Pastor Tim Daniels with the  Trinity Gardens Church of Christ. It has been a privilege to help build and maintain your online presence; more importantly, I value our friendship! Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about you and share your platforms with the world!





Look Up: Your Destiny is In Front of You!


3 Tips for Staying Positive and Focused to Reach Your Dreams

Have you ever been so focused on arriving at your destination that you didn’t even realize you were already there? Just the other day,  I was following GPS directions to somewhere I had never driven before, and kept looking in every direction to find the place. I finally lifted my head and realized that the address was right in front of me! I had arrived and didn’t event know that I had made it! Sometimes in life, we get so caught up in the details of our goals that we never even notice the progress we’ve made to get there. Here are three tips that I found to work while being positive and focused to reach your dreams.

Ask for Guidance

You are not alone in life and you will begin to realize this once you start asking and searching for God.I take time every morning to talk to God (usually in the shower) and I ask Him for guidance. I ask Him to keep my eyes and ears open for what He’s trying to show me. I ask Him to help me see in my day through blessings and encouragement. My recent trials and new journey with entrepreneurship have truly shown me just how much I need Him everyday and I am so thankful for this revelation because it has taught me to seek His counsel and acknowledge His presence in my life!

Reflection: Search for the Answers 

While you’re asking for guidance, it’s important to remember to search for the answers. Remember what you asked Him for and analyze the conversations and encounters that you have throughout the day. Did any of these engagements provide the answers to what you were looking for? At the end of the day review what you’ve gone through to search for your answer. Sometimes you have to be still in order to realize that the answer has been revealed, but you have to be in a place of quiet in order to recognize and receive it.

Talk About It: Remind Yourself Where You’re Going

We’re often taught that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity; however, I find that the older I  get the more I do it! And now, I really don’t think that it’s sign of craziness, but a means of organizing my thoughts and plans. Call it what you want, but it works!

About a year ago, I had the opportunity  to spend time with a successful entrepreneur and she provided a book recommendation that has been so valuable to my growth in this area. Napoleon Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich” shows that wealth generation starts with a positive mindset and that the formula for changing your attitude is through daily affirmations of your goals. Write them down and repeat them aloud daily. This form of auto-suggestion will seep into the depths of your soul to the point of belief and you will eventually begin to act upon the things you desire. So remember to actively reflect on your goals by saying them aloud. Not only will they keep you focused, but they will transition your dreams to reality!

While you’re doing these things, you’ll need to remember to look up from time-to-time. You may just realize that you’re closer than you thought you were…and that you just might have arrived!


Fear’s Purpose: Can You Handle the Fight?


Have you ever had a gut wrenching pain around the time that a new challenge presents itself? Do you ever feel anxious or throw up as the time to deliver what you promised approaches? Do you wake up before the early alarm clock sounds in nearly a panic attack; having to take deep breaths to calm down? Then you are not alone. These feelings are normal and serve a purpose. You may not like it, but fear prompts action and here’s why it needs to remain present in your life!

When fear sets in, it presents a call to action, but you still have a choice. You can either let the emotion consume you and do nothing, or start moving and attempting to complete the task that ‘s giving you anxiety.

Listen to the Fear Alarm

Fear is a reminder that something is unsettled and needs attention. It won’t go away until you address it. That gut-wrenching feeling that can bring up nausea is there for a reason. We can try to pretend you don’t know what’s going on and avoid the situation, but in our heart-of-hearts, we know why it’s there. What’s so funny is once you begin working on tackling the problem, you forget the reason you were afraid and the fear subsides. This leads me to believe that God allows fear to set in  order to get us in motion. Once we prove that we are willing to meet the challenge he removes the feeling that got us moving. Mission accomplished! Be sure to respond to fear’s alarm clock; it was set for a purpose!

Avoid Opportunity Costs

I’m writing about this topic because I have a personal struggle with laziness and procrastination on the DAILY.  Every morning, I wake up before my 3:30 a.m. alarm sounds off. I like to think it’s God’s way of whispering “time to get up and do work”. But at least once (ok, maybe twice) a week, I turn the alarm off and roll back over for more sleep. When I finally wake up two hours later, I regret taking the extra hours of rest because I lost time to be productive for my business. My mind runs through the thoughts of what I could have accomplished had I woke up at the designated time. There’s a reason I set the alarm for that time. Reminding myself of the “why” helps me get up when I’m overwhelmed or just plain tired put my feet on the ground and start moving.What opportunity costs are you risking because you choose to ignore that feeling of fear or anxiety? Listen carefully, it’s attempting to nudge you in the right direction.

Keep Moving!


The fear factor is real! It will cause to become so overwhelmed that you stand still and do nothing. Don’t allow fear to sink so deeply into your soul that you can’t lift your head and call on God for the strength to move! This is why it’s so important to respond to fear’s call as soon as you hear it; because, once it resides in your inner being, it becomes harder to move and take action!

Action doesn’t always look like you’re running toward achieving goals and tasks. Sometimes you have to start with baby steps, and that’s ok; they still equal forward progress! Once you become committed to moving, God will continue to supply what you need to get through it. You have to show a desire to get out of your situation and move on before you can receive the additional support to carry out the mission. He truly helps those who help themselves!

Be grateful for being disturbed with fear. It’s a sign that God has a purpose for your life and he wants to move you toward your promising future!

Yours in the Bond,



Slow and Steady Wins the Race!


Hope for slow growth! 3 Reasons that God’s preparing you to handle greatness!

When when we’re in the planning phase of building our dreams, we only imagine the positive benefits of achieving them.  We paint such  a pretty picture that even our timelines to reach these goals are unrealistic; and, because it’s uncharted territory, who really knows how long it will truly take? Business courses teach us to approach strategies through a SWOT analysis which helps identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. But when you’re looking through rose-colored lenses, it’s pretty easy to overlook the opportunities and threats.

So you stepped out on faith and are now walking in your new reality. If it’s anything like my experience, it’s much harder than you thought it was! It feels more like you’re walking than running with all the energy that’s been pent up to run this race. Tasks that you thought should be simple don’t come as easily as everything else because you aren’t experienced in doing them. Your client base isn’t growing as fast as expected and you’re working the extra jobs that it takes to pay the bills longer than you thought you would. Have you ever asked God, “Why is this taking longer than it should? Why are there so many road blocks in my path to success?” Here are three hints that might lead to the reason you’re in the slow lane when you believe you should easily be passing others up. Embracing where you are will allow you to appreciate the journey!

Natural Talent Isn’t Enough

When I started this business, it was based on the success that I had a volunteer and eventually getting paid to be a social media manager. I noticed that I had quite a bit of natural talent; things were easy and intuitive. I quickly caught on to updates and what our target audience wanted to see most. This lulled me into a false sense of confidence that I had everything thing that it took to become a social media manager. Ha! Was I ever wrong! I quickly learned that there was a lot that I didn’t know. I struggled, and continue to struggle, but, through the struggle  I have witnessed growth. I now take classes and read industry articles to become better at my craft; and, during this learning process I continue small-victories-jrobinsondmsto thank God for the small victories along the way. Sometimes you have to run into a brick wall to get this lesson, so hopefully I’m reaching someone who will learn from my mistake. Acquiring additional knowledge and continuing your education are key to staying on top of things and setting yourself apart. It will make you better. You will become the best version of your self if you continue to seek wisdom and knowledge!

There’s More to it Than You Thought

As an entrepreneur, I feel like I learn something new everyday! When I first started this business, I had a plan and implemented it. Little did I know that that plan was NOT comprehensive. But I would not have learned what I was missing had I not started. Life is full of unforeseen variables; we just have to get out there and try to do our best. Not only will we learn things along the way, but we will encounter others who have like-minded goals. These are the people that will understand the most and you can eventually lean on when things get tough. Moral of the story: It’s ok to not know everything; just like life, it’s all a learning process!

Beware of Instant Success; It’s Combustable!

I am now in a position where I can thank God for slow growth. If I had gained all the clients that I expected to have by now, I would have been overwhelmed and ignorant about how I could be of service to them. There are so many things that I have learned that have helped me to develop my craft. At times, I think, “wow, I didn’t event know that” feeling that I should have already had that information. At this point, I’m just grateful that I have gained the knowledge and information that I used to not have. It has been a humbling but very valuable experience.

Be grateful for teachable moments and remember to look for God in every situation. It will help you to understand the benefits of slow growth and to handle trying moments without frustration!

Stay Blessed, My Friends!


Solitude’s Journey:Here’s Why You’re Not Alone!


There’s a presence in your solitude. Look for the teachable moments in the stillness of the moment.

Do you ever feel like life has dragged you into isolation? That no matter what you do to succeed results in failure and distances you from your goals? Or do you feel that you are the person that is standing in the way of your own success? The irresponsible steps and mistakes  that you subconsciously make end up making a huge impact on your life. Trust me-You are not alone.  These are feelings that most of us experience. There is a reason you are being set apart. Here’s why.

You’re Growing: Sometimes God isolates us so that all we can hear is His voice. Life’s many distractions  bog us down with all types of  unnecessary white noise. You have to be still and listen for His guidance. There are times when I feel like everything is going wrong-wrong to me means that it isn’t going as I planned. But I’ve realized that if I just keep moving and pressing forward, He always works it out! And it is usually in a manner that no one could have even dared to dream! Look for God  during  dark moments. Instead of holding your head down in defeat; hold it up to seek and feel His presence. He did not bring you this far to leave you!

Change of Scenery: As you grow, you need to rely on a different set of resources to carry you through. When we are unable to see the right choices or find the right path, God plucks us out of danger and puts us on the right track. Have you ever noticed how your circle of friends changed? Or how you stumbled upon a good technique that you turned into a habit and included it in your daily routine? He put these occurrences, friends, situations into your life to continue your growth process. There is power in stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things to gain positive results. Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction and the encouragement to  carry on. You can do it!

Miracles Happen: Believe it or not, you are not in control! In spite of all the planning, forecasted or other prepared predictions, no man knows the future. Failure occurs because of unknown variables. There are things that our brains can not even fathom when planning a project, a trip, or other life events. When our efforts result in failure ,but we continue to get back up is when grace steps in. There are times that God allows us to try it our way and fail to test our faith. When you feel like a loser but don’t quit, and then finally succeed in an unexpected way is the moment that it had nothing to do with you. It was Him. He’s the reason you booked your next freelance gig; received an undeserved promotion. It’s because of Him that you overcame your battle with bad health or survived a car wreck you caused. He pulled you out and set you apart to let you know that you are not alone; He’s with you! If that isn’t a shouting moment, I don’t know what is! During moments like this, all I can think to say is “thank you, Jesus!” Don’t you agree?

Solitude is not a prison sentence. It’s a necessary state of being to help move you forward in life! Remember to be grateful for the stillness, listen for His guidance, and look for the miracles that are about to happen!

Yours in the Bond,


Issue Resolved: 3 Tips for Dealing with Frustration


Have you ever been frustrated with a project or task you’re working on? Are you beyond the point of anger and confusion of dealing with a client or coworker? These uncomfortable feelings often arise because we have a problem with setting expectations or taking action steps that align with the goal. It’s not an issue that is a one-sided failure; rather, a result of poor communication.

We often assume that we’re in agreement with our clients or team mates because we use the same words to describe the expected outcome, but the frustration sets in when the visual or physical product looks completely different from what our minds perceived. For example, let’s say we’re agree to paint a picture of a city skyline and sell it for a profit. Both parties paint their versions of the same skyline and the outcome appears completely different. How does this happen and is this really a problem?

Here’s how I’ve learned to deal with unfavorable outcomes. It’s important to remember that there is always room for improvement, and with adjustment, you can achieve expected results!

  1. Stay in the Moment! Stop the drama playing in your head and continue to communicate. We’ve all been disappointed and have acted out in, in our minds, what we want to say or do to the other party. These negative thoughts do NOT help the situation. Instead of running away from the problem confront it and talk through it with your partner, client, or co-worker. When you talk about the problem and trouble shoot for solutions, something positive comes out of that confrontation.”               [Read  The Muse: How Resilient People Get Through Really Hard Times]
  2. Seek the advice of Good Counsel. Talk to a mentor, your counselor, or a wise friend who won’t repeat your conversation.  Theses are the best resources to vent your initial anger to because they will help you focus on the true issue and provide constructive feedback. After you’ve blown off steam, your mind is clear and you can continue to work through the frustration with the perspective of getting back on track. It’s important to never confront the source of your frustration while angry; it only makes a bad situation worse. Instead, talk it out, calm down and prepare to calmly confront the other person. [See Forbes: 3 People You Should Actually Take Advice From]
  3. Keep Working! Don’t end your project on a bad note because of an initial hiccup of differences. We’ve all been victims of the infamous “deer-in-headlight” momments; but, it’s important to step away from this mindset and keep moving! Do what you need to do let the anger go, then get back to work, because you’re not finished. You will be victorious! [See 12 Examples of Persistence Paying Off]

Now it’s time for you to get out of your funk and put these bullet points into action! You can and you will conquer this problem! Remember to stay in the moment, seek out good advice, and keep working!

Yours in the bond (and the struggle),

JRobinson, Owner and Founder JRobinson Digital Media Services

Who’s Got the Perseverance Spirit? You Do!


Perseverance is the toughest action that we decide to do. Most things don’t just happen overnight,and many of us don’t realize this until later on in life, or after we’ve given up. Or perhaps, you’re like me and just didn’t observe that you’ve been prepping for perseverance all along!  As I reflect on my youth, I’ve become aware that this is precisely what I’ve been doing, and it has prepared me for one the most ‘persevering’ experiences that I never expected to encounter: entrepreneurship. It’s one of the most slow-moving, highs-and-lows,gut-wrenching, stick-it-out time periods in my existence! I like to think of it as a beautiful nightmare, where’s there’s so much potential to for success mixed with the fear of the unknown.

I am so grateful to have learned not to be a quitter- not giving up so quickly through good and bad things. Here are a few high (and low)lights of the perseverance training that I have personally experienced:

  • Piano Practice: Every day after returning home from school, I had to practice the piano, before attending my piano lesson instructor on Mondays. Most times I dreaded practicing; but, it was almost impossible to complain because I was the one who literally begged my mother to sign me up for them! Even though I dreaded the routine of practicing, I enjoyed the result of putting in the work: beautiful music, that became effortless because of time spent practicing!
  • Sports: I’ve been playing organized sports since I was in the sixth grade. I worked hard to make the varsity volleyball and basketball teams, and in the off seasons, played softball and ran track. Today, I’m still a runner and compete for personal best times in 5 and 10Ks and half-marathons. You can’t just show up to the starting line of a race and expect to do well. It requires weeks, sometimes months of training!
  • Higher Education-Obtaining a master’s degree was one of the most disciplined things I’ve ever done. I returned to school in my early thirties when there was more to do than just being a full-time student. I worked, nursed and took care of my newborn baby, and studied. God, prayer, and bottomless cups of coffee helped me earn the certificate that stated I completed my course studies. It’s an accomplishment that no one can belittle or steal from me!
  • Working Multiple Jobs-Working more than one job has helped me create and maintain a schedule. I wake up early-well before the other members in my house open their eyes (including the dog) and work on items that I know have to be done before the end of the day. I’m living a “wash, rinse, repeat” life cycle right now: continue to work through the day, eat,sleep, and do it all over again!


As I was (and still am) in these moments, I did not take the time to stop and think about what I should be learning (another life lesson). Now that I have forced myself to reflect, I have realized that those daily routines of physical actions taught me how to be patient. They also taught me how to persevere. When you start something new, you’re never as good as you want to be. So what does one do if she wants to be included in the circle of ‘best’? She trains!


Training Tips:

  • Do research on the activities that will make you better.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded goals.
  • Seek out a mentor and ask for help

“There is no substitute for persistence! It cannot be supplanted by any other quality! Remember this, and it will hearten you, in the beginning, when the going may seem difficult and slow.”-Napoleon Hill

There are many places and people that I draw inspiration from on a daily basis. Right now, my biggest motivator that spurs on perseverance is knowing that it won’t always be like this. If I keep trying, keep receiving and appreciating the small victories, and continue to put in the work that moves me toward success, then I will achieve my goals.

There is no secret to success; it only requires hard work and determination.You can do the same!

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services




Adulting: Growing up is Hard To Do!


Let’s face it, being an adult is hard work! And if you were anything like me as a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up! I wish I could tell the younger version of myself to enjoy the moment and embrace being a kid, because being an adult is not an easy thing!

Do you know one of the hardest things I found about being an adult? Dealing with childish “adults”. These are the humans that are technically considered adults (they’re over 18; many of them well into their 30’s and 40’s) but their thoughts and actions are immature.

Here’s another tough thing to deal with about growing up. We all have our burdens to bear. Most of us don’t talk about our issues because we’re not looking for sympathy and we don’t want to weigh others down.  So we keep our feelings to ourselves, holding our emotions inside until we reach a boiling point and explode. This is not a healthy way to deal with one’s emotions; mentally or physically. There is a better solution, but it involves what’s so hard to do: maturity.

What I’ve recently discovered and have put into practice is sharing life’s difficulties through conversation with true friends. The true friendship aspect is the most important element of opening up. Talking to someone you can trust helps improve your outlook and perspective on things. You will never know if someone can relate to what you’re currently going through unless you verbally communicate your feelings. There’s an added bonus to this type of vulnerability. The person you confess your deepest thoughts to may have actually experienced your current situation and can help! Here’s another kicker: you might be going through the same thing that the person you confided in is and you can help each other out!

I recI invited a friend for coffee that I knew had been struggling, but she had not told me the source of her problems. The day we sat down over coffee was the time that she started to open up. As she was talking, I realized that I had encountered the same problem! Her words confirmed that I was not alone in my way of thinking and that I should not have second guessed what my instincts told me were the truth. We helped each other that day, and it was such an encouraging experience.  It was the kind of experience that encourages me to commit to get outside of my head and share my inner thoughts with the right people.

I challenge you to do the same thing. I promise, the experience will not leave you with your head hanging down; it’ll be more like having a 180 attitude about what you’re going through.

Stay encouraged!

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services


Motivation, Where are You?



Have you ever felt stuck in a rut or found yourself looking for the inspiration to keep picking up your tired feet to keep moving? Sometimes, even when you love what you do, it’s hard to find the inspiration to keep going. Why? I’ve found there’s several reasons. Let me know if you agree:

You’re Drained: Giving it your all requires a lot of energy! Not only do you have to account time for work and following your dreams, but there has to be enough left in your tank for family, friends, and other daily tasks that present themselves. It can leave you feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything!

Unexpected Emergencies: There are situations that appear out of the blue that need your immediate attention: there’s a death in the family; your car quit running; your son is sick. These items take you away from your daily routine, putting you behind in what you planned to accomplish for the day. Now, not only do you need the energy to deal with what just happened, but to also finish the work that you planned on completing during that time period.

Negative Work Relationships: Has someone recently slighted you; promising to deliver one thing and not following through? What about the annoying co-worker or boss that continues to spew negative energy with complaints? Or your paycheck is short and you’re worried about how to survive the next few weeks?

I bet you’re wondering, “Is there any hope? Will my mojo ever kick back in? When will I ever be motivated again?”

Here’s some sure-fire tips to grease your motivation gears:

Remember Your ‘Why’: Revisit your ‘why’.There’s a reason you started your business, began looking for a new job or set a new  goal. Remember what inspired you to take a stand and start the process. Your purpose is usually tied to fulfilling a dream or realizing that change needs to happen. My ‘why’ involves helping others and leaving a legacy for my child. I founded JRobinson DMS to help small businesses and non-profits create an online presence; allowing them the time to re-invest their energy into what they do best. I want to grow this effort to a profitable state, leaving my son the option of keeping the dream alive or selling it to the benefit our family. Remember your why when life gets tough and all looks lost. It will help you to dig deep and stay the course!

Remember Your Why

Remain Positive: Attitude is everything! What you think about has a way of coming to fruition. Find beauty in the little things. You’ll find that focusing on something positive will turn daily tasks and situations around. My mother sends me a scripture every day and the verse is usually about being encouraged or remembering the source of your strength. I wait for her text to begin my work day because I know it will provide the inspiration I need to give it another try to keep moving forward.

Stay Focused: Remaining focused is tough. Life throws you curveballs of distraction on a daily basis. There are things that happen that ruin your plans or routine, making it hard to get back on track. I’ve found when this happens, the best thing to do is focus on one task at a time. It’s important to prioritize what needs to be completed that day because chances are you won’t be able finish everything planned. Take a deep breath, count to 10, or what ever needs to be done to clear your mind and get back to it!

If you’re having a hard time committing to any of the suggestions mentioned above, remember that prayer works too! Ask Him for help with remembering your ‘why’, remaining positive and staying focused. He’ll give you the answer to keep pushing and to carry on!

Yours in the bond,

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services


Are You Trusting the Process?



Trust: a small word with a big meaning. It impacts our everyday life in so many shapes and forms. It can cause one to worry and doubt , or it can bring encouragement and inspiration. Make no mistake, there’s a choice. Which do you choose; and are you trusting the process?

Let’s take a look at some life situations that might influence a person’s view on trust as a negative experience. I can rattle a few off really easy. Trust me, I’ve been there!

  • Lies and Deceit:  someone intentionally commits to doing something with you or for you, knowing fully well that don’t plan to follow through
  • Broken Promises: He or she said that she would be there for you at that big event you planned. Or someone promised to pay you on the 15th. And it just didn’t happen. They didn’t even have the courtesy to call or text you why they weren’t able to honor their word.
  • Fear of the Unknown: You’re trying something for the first time. After doing your research and accounting for every possible scenario that your brain can think of, you’re ready to make your move. So you jump. And it’s nothing like you expected. Do you choose to trust the process and move forward or become consumed in being overwhelmed?
  • Someone’s Stolen from You: Whether it’s property, cash, or an idea, you’ve been a victim of theft. Having someone take something that belongs to you can be a traumatic experience; so mind-rattling that it prevents you from trusting others.

These negative experience make it extremely hard to trust people or try new things again. How does one overcome and begin to lean on others; to trust the process?

It starts with God. Try trusting Him first. He is the only perfect being that won’t let you down! Talk to Him; tell Him things that you wouldn’t tell others. Ask Him to lead and guide you. Then, trust the process. He’s not having you go through situations and experiences just because He can. Look for His teaching moments. What were you supposed to learn from what just happened? You may not find the end result or the answer immediately, but it will come in His timing.

Once you’ve learned to lean on Jesus, it slowly begins to become easier to trust others. Why? Because if others fail you, you know that HE won’t. He will always comfort and protect you!

Stay encouraged!

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services