“Jamilah is a dedicated professional that has a keen understanding of how personal integrity transcribes into superfluous professionalism. She works diligently to learn, understand, and accomplish tasks. She contributes freely and understands how her work can impact both team and clients. Jamilah is an asset in all aspects and has gained my highest recommendation.”   … Continue reading Kiera Houston- Phresh Phactory

Kiera Houston- Phresh Phactory

“Jamilah dedicates her time and effort into promoting our our church through its core principles. She captures the spirit of our congregation ,a loving body of non-denominational believers, through pictures, digital graphics and videos. Her expertise in social media and website management continues to grow and flourish through the work she has done for us. We truly appreciate … Continue reading Tim Daniels- Trinity Gardens Church of Christ

Tim Daniels- Trinity Gardens Church of Christ