Breaking Point: It’s Not the End of the Story!



Have you ever felt like the work you’ve done is meaningless, as if there were no return on your investment? Do you think that what you’re doing goes unnoticed and is getting you nowhere? Have you experienced a slump in your business, like you’re regressing, and is it causing you to fear and doubt? Any of these things can cause frustration and bring you to your breaking point: a place where you cry out in helplessness and scream from a level of anger that has boiled over. It will force you to ask God ‘why’, and if it’s something you should continue to pursue. Nothing is going right! What should you do? What you decide to do in this moment is critical. Choosing to quit could be fatal. Here are three encouragement tips to keep you moving toward your goals, because the breaking point doesn’t have to be the end of the story!

It’s a Test! Will You Pass or Fail?

Failures and trials are a testament of life’s reality. It won’t be perfect. God wants to know how you respond to difficult times. He needs to know how you respond to people and situations while you’re in agony. Where is your faith? You have to believe that what you’re doing will work out. Belief is an action word because you have to continue working like you’ve reached your goal. This cannot be done alone. You have to be in continuous conversation with your Heavenly Father to pull through. He is the true source of your faith; talk to Him and look for His presence daily!

Facing Your Problem Provides Provision

When you face your problems, you’re forced to figure how to handle them and carry on. Running from your fears only creates additional problems, leaving a trail of emotional issues that will eventually need to be addressed. There is no peace when you run, because you have to keep running. At least when you face your fears, you are giving yourself the opportunity to conquer them; and with God’s help, you will! He will send the right person to talk to you, or open a door that you didn’t even know existed once you start moving in the direction of a solution. We have to remember that we are never alone; He’s running this race beside you!

Feel the Light From the End of the Tunnel

When you start taking action steps,you begin to start walking toward the light that’s at the end of the tunnel; it’s called victory. This light is hidden feel-the-lightfrom-the-end-of-thetunnel-1
once you’re in the middle of the cave. This is where fear and worry take onset. If you just keep walking, moving, praying, and seeking God’s counsel, you’ll make it to a point where you’ll see the light.


Let’s keep going and reach our goals together! What are you trying to achieve or accomplish? Share in the comments section below!



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