Just Breathe!


There’s an app on my Apple watch that I’ve recently started paying attention to. It’s a simple reminder, sending a notification that instructs you to breathe. As much as it sounds like a given (duh, everybody does it), breathing when reminded actually helps me to recenter and focus. Are you a person (like me) who overcomplicates things, and becomes overwhelmed when unexpected bad things occur?  Well, my friends, this is the app for you! Deep breathing will release the toxic anxieties that have been built up in your body from fear and worry; it clears your mind and eases the tension that you’ve felt.

17293-14657-img_6352-mIt’s so funny how several deep breaths will help move you through whatever painful thing you’re going through, whether it’s physical or mental. When you’re working out and doing something new, or going further than your regular routine, deep breaths make it easier to power through that extra 10 minutes of a run, or those extra 10 push-ups in your rep.

The American Institute of Stress recommends deep abdominal breathing for 20-30 minutes a day to reduce anxiety and stress “Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness.” Read : Take a Deep Breath

If you have the type of time to carve out 30 minutes of your day to breathe, then kudos to you! But, if not, that’s ok; just make it a point to breathe deeply when something that causes agony or uncertainty arises. You’ll be surprised how much comfort this activity will bring you!

Oprah suggests a daily breathing routine that can be completed in only five minutes (Read This 5-Minute Exercise Melts Anxiety Away) I love that her article renames a deep breath as a recovery breath because it helps restore your balance!

Of course there are other actions you need to take to completely eliminate whatever is causing your anxiety; however,taking a moment to just breathe will relieve just enough to give you the ability to get to the next step in the process. It’s easier to move and take action when you release negative energy!

Worry, fear, and being overwhelmed are natural feelings, but you can’t accomplish much when they linger. You have to figure out how to let them go! Start with deep breathing. Then, once you’re thinking more clearly observe the outside influences in your life, including your environment. Identify the source of your negativity and cut it out of your life!

If these feelings occur because you’re doing something you’ve never done before, the only way to overcome is to keep moving. You’ll notice that if you keep going, you don’t have time to worry, because you’re busy. It’s only when you stand still that fear has time to settle in. Don’t stand too long or the fear will paralyze you in a way that you stop trying and eventually give up. Just breathe and continue to take steps toward your goals, even if they’re baby steps-because they count!

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