Expect the Unexpected!


3 Tips for evaluating whether a situation is worth your best effort

Have you ever wondered why you continue to do some of extra things that have become part of your daily routine? You might be feeling like there is no real benefit or reward, and may even be considering cutting it out of your life. My friends, I ask to re-evaluate the situation and think about the potential blessing you might receive if you are persistent about it and continue to press on! Just when you commit to quitting, you might find a reward for your hard work, so expect the unexpected!

Your Passion Determines Effort Level

I recently had the opportunity to work at the Super Bowl through an opportunity from a part-time job that I’ve had for three years. The part-time job doesn’t pay much, but it’s something I enjoy doing and it keeps me close to one of my first loves, which is sports. I spend long hours on the days that I’m assigned to work. It can be considered a sacrifice because it’s time away from my family and doing other things I’d rather be doing (like resting). I’d even thought about quitting this job because of these very items. But every time I arrive at the job, the hours move so swiftly because I’m a part of something that is great and I love being in the environment!


Are you passionate about the work that your doing in this situation? If it’s something that you love, I encourage you to continue giving the extra effort and be patient on the reward. There may be things about it you don’t like about it-low pay, long hours, or toxic people; but don’t allow what’s negative to deter you. It is hard to land in opportunities that you care about, so hang in there, continue to do your best, and be patient for your big break!

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve is a Good Thing!

You’re body language is different when you’re passionate about what you’re doing. There’s a natural smile on your face; the way you respond and interact with others flows naturally, and there’s an effervescent glow that illuminates your being! This is the place that we all seek or strive to be. It’s elevating to exist in this environment. Just because you’re in this element doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but it makes life a little easier to live!

Don’t be afraid to show your passion for something, no matter what level of process you’re in. That natural energy is infectious, and eventually the right people will notice. So what, you don’t have that desired title or name recognition yet;  learn to be content in the position you’re in and continue to wear your heart on your sleeve. Just when you think no one is watching, someone is, including God. He will reward your effort, you just need to be concerned about persevering as you await opportunity.

Praise Him for Your Future Break Through! 

Be positive in your waiting period. This is the hardest lesson I had to learn in my 37 years of existence. Desired things don’t come easy, but if you’re persistent about it and don’t give up, you will eventually get there. Begin thanking God for your future break through, because if you continue to do the things that will help you reach your goals, it’s on the way.

The interesting thing that I’ve noticed about break throughs is that a period of darkness before they occur. You may feel at your lowest and abandoned, with no one to turn to. At times, this state is necessary, because God wants you to know that nothing is possible without Him! The dark moments will bring you to your knees, seeking the Father’s advice. This recognition of His almighty power puts the wheels in motion for your break through. So, don’t be discouraged when it gets dark; God’s grace is sufficient! He’s your bridge to the next level!

Remain faithful and keep pushing!




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