Fear’s Purpose: Can You Handle the Fight?


Have you ever had a gut wrenching pain around the time that a new challenge presents itself? Do you ever feel anxious or throw up as the time to deliver what you promised approaches? Do you wake up before the early alarm clock sounds in nearly a panic attack; having to take deep breaths to calm down? Then you are not alone. These feelings are normal and serve a purpose. You may not like it, but fear prompts action and here’s why it needs to remain present in your life!

When fear sets in, it presents a call to action, but you still have a choice. You can either let the emotion consume you and do nothing, or start moving and attempting to complete the task that ‘s giving you anxiety.

Listen to the Fear Alarm

Fear is a reminder that something is unsettled and needs attention. It won’t go away until you address it. That gut-wrenching feeling that can bring up nausea is there for a reason. We can try to pretend you don’t know what’s going on and avoid the situation, but in our heart-of-hearts, we know why it’s there. What’s so funny is once you begin working on tackling the problem, you forget the reason you were afraid and the fear subsides. This leads me to believe that God allows fear to set in  order to get us in motion. Once we prove that we are willing to meet the challenge he removes the feeling that got us moving. Mission accomplished! Be sure to respond to fear’s alarm clock; it was set for a purpose!

Avoid Opportunity Costs

I’m writing about this topic because I have a personal struggle with laziness and procrastination on the DAILY.  Every morning, I wake up before my 3:30 a.m. alarm sounds off. I like to think it’s God’s way of whispering “time to get up and do work”. But at least once (ok, maybe twice) a week, I turn the alarm off and roll back over for more sleep. When I finally wake up two hours later, I regret taking the extra hours of rest because I lost time to be productive for my business. My mind runs through the thoughts of what I could have accomplished had I woke up at the designated time. There’s a reason I set the alarm for that time. Reminding myself of the “why” helps me get up when I’m overwhelmed or just plain tired put my feet on the ground and start moving.What opportunity costs are you risking because you choose to ignore that feeling of fear or anxiety? Listen carefully, it’s attempting to nudge you in the right direction.

Keep Moving!


The fear factor is real! It will cause to become so overwhelmed that you stand still and do nothing. Don’t allow fear to sink so deeply into your soul that you can’t lift your head and call on God for the strength to move! This is why it’s so important to respond to fear’s call as soon as you hear it; because, once it resides in your inner being, it becomes harder to move and take action!

Action doesn’t always look like you’re running toward achieving goals and tasks. Sometimes you have to start with baby steps, and that’s ok; they still equal forward progress! Once you become committed to moving, God will continue to supply what you need to get through it. You have to show a desire to get out of your situation and move on before you can receive the additional support to carry out the mission. He truly helps those who help themselves!

Be grateful for being disturbed with fear. It’s a sign that God has a purpose for your life and he wants to move you toward your promising future!

Yours in the Bond,



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