Are You a Hidden Figure? Be Grateful!


2 Reasons to be grateful for being the person behind the scenes

My family and I recently went to see the movie, “Hidden Figures” and I left the theatre feeling so inspired! The movie was based on a true story that very few people know and, had it not been for the movie, we might have still been unaware. Three African-American women-Katherine Johnson ,Dorothy Vaughan , and Mary Jackson – during the height of the civil rights movement were employed by NASA. They played pivotal roles in the first successful flight orbiting the earth by Astronaut John Glenn. A mathematician, engineer and program manager helped shaped the course of American history because they had the courage to be persistent, hopeful, and unwavering in their beliefs. As I thought about the movie after it was over, it prompted self reflection. I realized that I have been a hidden figure for  most of my professional career, including now; and I’m more than ok with that fact; I am grateful. Here are three reasons why the person behind the scenes is the true winner.

We have the Power to Get Things Done

Because they were black, these ladies encountered extra challenges just to do their jobs. Segregation required that they use separate restrooms, water fountains and even coffee pots. There was a scene that brought this law to life where Taraji Henson’s character, Katherine had to run to a building over a mile away to relieve herself because there were no restrooms for colored women in the main building where she was assigned. There was a point where she became frustrated, after having to run in heels through the rain to go the restroom. She was so fed up that she angrily voiced her frustration to her supervisor when he asked her why she was always away from her desk for so long. Because she spoke up, he tore the  Colored restroom sign down ,and the separate but equal law became null and void within the walls of

Women will do whatever it takes to fulfill their responsibilities, accomplish goals and succeed. Don’t count her out because there are obstacles and challenges that others would not dare dream of having to tackle. She will fight for her right to have whatever she needs to survive. And just when life gets too hard, and she’s reached her breaking point, God steps in (in the flesh, through others) and gives her what she needs to carry on.

Hidden Figures are Puppet Masters

The hidden figures from the movie did not receive the credit for what they accomplished at NASA until many years later. While they were working, they were not even allowed to put their names on research reports; only men’s names were published. But without their brilliance, none of the achievements that NASA accomplished would have been possible. They stepped in at the right moments to provide solutions to problems that their colleagues could not provide. They were the puppet masters behind the curtain; pulling the strings to guide situations in the right direction.

You have power and influence; don’t down play it’s importance just because it isn’t immediately known that those where your choices and hard work. That information eventually comes to the light and you will be rewarded. So keep putting your best effort forward, you will receive the recognition in due time!


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