Life Lessons: What has the Universe Taught You?


As I approach another birthday, it causes me to reflect on the total sum of my life. My hopes, aspirations, dreams, accomplishments….setbacks and failures too. There are so many things that I wish I would have done differently or that I could change as I look back; but, it makes me think would I be who I am today without those dark moments? The answer is no, and at this point, I’m left to figure out what I should learn from those mistakes. Once I figure it out, it’s time to get back to positivity!

Regina Brett has become famous from her list of “45 Life Lessons Written by a “90-Year-Old” Woman” (side note: she’s not really 90). [See 45 Life Lessons Written by a “90-Year-Old” Woman]. The lessons that resonate most with me are “Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone” and “Life is too short for long pity parties. Get busy living, or get busy dying.” The first one speaks to our dependence on others. Surround yourself with a support base of friends and family. When times get hard, you’ll need them. The second bit of advise motivates me. You only live once and before you blink, it will be over. Take advantage of the time you have on Earth and make daily steps toward reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams!

Speaking of positive things, there are so many moments that I should be proud of:

  • Graduations: high school, college and grad school
  • Marrying my college sweet heart (who’d thought I’d ever be married?! I was such a tomboy!)
  • My son-time passes quickly! I truly can’t believe how much he’s grown!
  • Friendships-I have a small group of great friends that are truly my support system
  • My church family my church family inspired me to step outside the box of who I thought I was and to be more! I’ve grown and tried new things because of them. They are the inspiration behind my business and I cannot be any more grateful!
  • Family-I have the BEST family on the planet! They’re everything a person dreams about when thinking about true bonds. Sure, we have our ups and downs, but who doesn’t?
  • Travel-I’ve been to some amazing places! I have traveled abroad and have seen things that my mind could not even imagine had I not witnessed them with my own eyeballs! I hope that life affords me the opportunity to see more of the world in the future!
  • Becoming an entrepreneur-this was never one of my lifetime goals, but I saw a marketplace need and took on the challenge to help others. It’s a learning process, but it has been rewarding and fulfilling. Through this endeavor, I found my purpose and am forever grateful.

As I approach another anniversary of being on Earth, I am grateful for every life moment and hope to continue to grow and learn, make new friendships and experience new things. What has life taught you? Take a moment to reflect and share your life lessons with us!

JRobinson-Owner and Founder JRobinson Digital Media Services

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