Are You Trusting the Process?



Trust: a small word with a big meaning. It impacts our everyday life in so many shapes and forms. It can cause one to worry and doubt , or it can bring encouragement and inspiration. Make no mistake, there’s a choice. Which do you choose; and are you trusting the process?

Let’s take a look at some life situations that might influence a person’s view on trust as a negative experience. I can rattle a few off really easy. Trust me, I’ve been there!

  • Lies and Deceit:  someone intentionally commits to doing something with you or for you, knowing fully well that don’t plan to follow through
  • Broken Promises: He or she said that she would be there for you at that big event you planned. Or someone promised to pay you on the 15th. And it just didn’t happen. They didn’t even have the courtesy to call or text you why they weren’t able to honor their word.
  • Fear of the Unknown: You’re trying something for the first time. After doing your research and accounting for every possible scenario that your brain can think of, you’re ready to make your move. So you jump. And it’s nothing like you expected. Do you choose to trust the process and move forward or become consumed in being overwhelmed?
  • Someone’s Stolen from You: Whether it’s property, cash, or an idea, you’ve been a victim of theft. Having someone take something that belongs to you can be a traumatic experience; so mind-rattling that it prevents you from trusting others.

These negative experience make it extremely hard to trust people or try new things again. How does one overcome and begin to lean on others; to trust the process?

It starts with God. Try trusting Him first. He is the only perfect being that won’t let you down! Talk to Him; tell Him things that you wouldn’t tell others. Ask Him to lead and guide you. Then, trust the process. He’s not having you go through situations and experiences just because He can. Look for His teaching moments. What were you supposed to learn from what just happened? You may not find the end result or the answer immediately, but it will come in His timing.

Once you’ve learned to lean on Jesus, it slowly begins to become easier to trust others. Why? Because if others fail you, you know that HE won’t. He will always comfort and protect you!

Stay encouraged!

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services


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