Post-Vacation Life: How to Deal with Setbacks



I just returned from an awesome vacation. Last weekend, my family had a reunion in downtown Atlanta. It was the perfect opportunity to relax and reconnect with loved ones that I haven’t seen in a while. It was one of the more memorable trips that I will treasure in the days and weeks to come.

I was even able to control the urge to work and truly disconnect. As a social media manager, you’re always on-call; but I was prepared and only did light tasks that needed my attention. It was amazing! I felt refreshed. My battery was recharged and I was ready to return to work after such an enjoyable weekend.

Then I got sick… So sick to the point that I was unable to physically move. My everything hurt! The pain was so unbearable that I couldn’t focus on anything. I was out of commission for two days. It put me behind on work. Then, to my surprise, I acquired two new clients that needed my services immediately! I’m in no position to turn down money, so I accepted. Now I’m in a place where I’m well behind the pace of where I should be. I’m still dealing with recovery and am trying to balance it all. A person of structure and routine like myself panics in these situations. I despise being behind the “8 ball” and it’s driving me crazy! Where does one find the energy? How do I recoup the downtime and catch back up?

What I’ve learned from previous experiences is that when life spirals out of control, don’t be a deer caught in the headlights with feet planted in confusion,  and scared out of your right mind!  Find a way to keep taking tiny steps toward completion. If I’m honest with myself though, these baby steps feel slower than a turtle’s pace and the finished line is no where in sync with deadlines! I have to continuously remind myself to keep moving, keep pressing forward. Take a deep breath: relax, relate, and release.

Self-motivation helps, but there’s nothing like a support system that will give you the extra boost that you need, and in perfect timing! Thank God for level-headed mothers! They always know the right thing to say and oftentimes don’t even realize what they are doing!

I did not tell my mom about my current situation because I did not want to worry her. We live in different cities; and, there’s no doubt in my mind she would’ve high-tailed it down here to be by my side. However, she’s helped me from over several hundred miles away just by doing what she always encouragement through scripture.

Yesterday, when I was at one of my lowest moments of hope and despair, she sent me a Bible verse in a text message that was just the perfect motivational words to recharge my dead battery. Read this verse, I’m positive it will do the same for you!

“My flesh and my heart fail;but  God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” Psalms 73:26

These words followed the scripture in her text message: ” He will be your strength today!” That bit of encouragement was like music to my ears! It gave me the courage and, of course, the strength to get up and do what needed to be done! And I haven’t stopped since!

There continue to be setbacks. At this very moment I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time attempting to set a follow-up appointment with my doctor to no avail. But you better believe that I haven’t stopped putting forth the effort to work!

This experience birthed today’s blog. Remember to be thankful, even during your struggles.

Stay Blessed,

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services

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