Get Back Up: You Will Overcome!



God and life have a sense of humor; and sometimes, their humor isn’t funny to us…at least not in the moment.

Have you ever gone through a struggle and during that awful period felt hopeless, lost, and insecure? You’re human, so I’m confident you have. Anyways, when you’re on the other side of it and reflect on what happened, you’re able to see that it wasn’t that bad. You wonder why you were so worried…and sometimes, you laugh about it.

So how does one defeat his or her situational opponent? How do you get back up after you’ve been knocked down. I’ll share the few tidbits that these life moments have taught me.

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Keep Moving: Usually, when we’re going through a storm, we panic and shut down. We stop doing the things that we love; we stop putting our best foot forward; and we zone out. I challenge you to stay in the moment and keep moving! Most of the things we worry about are out of our control. Do things that you’re responsible for and have control over; the rest will eventually take care of itself. It may not happen in the timing you expected, but a change WILL come because you kept moving

Find a way to Vent: We all have different ways of venting our frustrations. Some of us talk to our closest friends, others write (or blog like me). Whatever your method, find a way to purge your frustration. It will give your brain the mental space it needs to focus on the tasks you have control over and help you deposit positive energy into your loved ones.

Prayer Works: Most of think we don’t have anyone to talk to; but there’s someone we oftentimes forget about, because He isn’t physically present. God is omnipresent (everywhere) and He’s just waiting on you to acknowledge Him. He knows your heart-aches and hardships, but he wants you to tell Him about them. He wants you to seek Him and ask for His help.

Even if you don’t believe in God or a higher being, talk aloud and confirm what you want to happen. Speaking positivity into the universe changes things, you just have to be patient.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7 (NLT)


JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinsonDMS


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