Position Yourself for Opportunity

Leaving my full-time job in the moment wasn’t scary. At the time, I was sleep-deprived, burnt out, and bitter. But in the weeks following my last day, I thought about the securities I left behind; like the steady paycheck, or knowing & meeting expectations, my daily routine… and it left me feeling uncertain and scared.

As I begin to focus on the positive things about being an entrepreneur, there’s one amazing item that continues to reveal itself to me: it’s the freedom to be available for opportunities that support and grow my business. I’m no longer tied to a desk for eight hours supporting another company’s goals. Those eight gained now go into making my dreams come true! Watching this  freedom in action is so mind-blowing that it conquers insecurities and fears that I have from leaving a sure thing!

Here’s one of my most recent examples of being available for opportunity. Just yesterday, I  took my laptop and setup shop at a Starbucks downtown for a change a pace. As I was working, I received an email inviting me to  come and take photos of one my client’s first radio show tapings. The location was literally less than 5 minutes away from where I was sitting! I was able to continue working until the scheduled taping and make it to take photos and video for social media!The photos and video that I posted from this meeting went viral!

Had I been at my former full-time job, I would not have been able to attend an impromptu invitation. I would’ve had to hope and rely on someone else getting the material I needed to do my work (which truly sucks). What I’m learning in this transition is that you have to position yourself for opportunity. Make yourself available to learn and experience new things that will help you fulfill your dreams.

position yourself-jrobinsondms.com

If you’re not able to leave your current situation, there are other things you can do in the interim in taking steps toward your dream.

Wake up and work while everyone is asleep: If you wake up a few hours earlier than normal, you’ll find that your house is quiet. There’s time to devote your brain’s freshest energy to what you need to accomplish.

Work for free: Take the evening and weekend hours to gain practical skills in the area you want to move in through an internship. Or, volunteer to do the work you’re interested in for an organization that needs it; they’ll be happy to let someone provide items they need!

Most importantly, remember faith and prayer work. You have to put the work and research in to make your dreams come true; but when God sees you’re serious about change, He’ll provide whatever you need to help carry you to success.


Yours in the bond,

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinsonDMS





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