What it Means to Truly Trust

Have you ever thought you were over-prepared for a situation, only to find out that you had very little of what you needed? These moments knock you on your rear and call for a lot of improvisation and prayer. Just when you thought you knew you had every security in place (savings, reliable transportation, side hustle) they were stripped from you, one by one. And as you watch them crumble and fall to the wayside, you’re left thinking, “what the heck have I gotten myself into?”

Here’s the funny thing about being human: you can’t predict the future! So although you think you’re prepared to take a leap of faith, you have no clue about what’s around the corner. And once all your securities are yanked from your hands; you have nothing left but hope and prayers.

Isn’t this the way we should’ve started  though? Hope and prayer should have been the main items that prepared us to make the move. Hope and prayer gives us the answers in His perfect timing. Hope and prayer guide us to true trust, which is blind faith and assurance that it will all work out.

There’s nothing stupid about taking risks or making a leap of faith; especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. God never promised that it would be easy, though. There will be unexpected road blocks, obstacles and situations that your brain couldn’t even imagine you’d encounter!

You can’t prepare for ALL of the unexpected. Is that emergency fund making you feel secure? Have back-to-back-to-back emergencies happen and watch it disappear. Did the deal with the potential client that  you were banking on to provide you the cushion needed to walk away fall through at the last minute? Should you still make your move and leave?


The answer is we don’t have the answers, only God does. All He asks from us in return is the courage to live your dreams and to follow Him with blind faith. The path to your dreams won’t look like anything you planned, but you will get there by truly trusting Him.

A friend recently shared  this video clip with me and it refueled my trust in Him. Steve Harvey talks about taking risks and jumping toward happiness. In only a way he can describe, he lets us know that once you jump, you will hit some bumps and jagged edges, and the parachute will seem defective; however, as you continue to drop, it eventually opens.

You have to truly trust in order for the parachute to open.

Have you taken that leap of faith and are waiting on that parachute to open? If it’s an online presence you need to place wind under your wings, we’re more than happy to help!

JRobinson, Owner & Founder, JRobinson Digital Media Services


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