Slow Progress….is Still Progress

Have you ever had a to-do list filled with 10 plus items for the day and all you ended up marking off that daily tally was two? Or, have you planned on taking a couple of “virtual” steps to only  move forward .03599? This is the story of my life lately; and it isn’t normal for me.

I’m a person that prides herself in being able to do a BUNCH of things in a day; happily marking things as completed on my iPhone’s Reminders app. To hear that buzz go off in my phone and realize that I’m not going to get to that task for the day irritates me; then having to reschedule the task for the next day really chaps my hide! I just feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done in that day. Can anybody relate?


As I slowly move forward to finish whatever it is I’m doing in the moment, I send mental encouragements to keep going; that I’ll eventually be done; and eventually, I am finished. But what about the other 9 things that didn’t get touched because I  was struggling to finish the one?

I feel like the progress I’m  making is a like an old, decrepit, turtle “running” (you know it’s a really sTurtle-crossing-finish-line-croppedlow walk) to the finish line. So, to accommodate for my slowness. I wake up earlier to give myself additional time. But guess what? Something more urgent always comes up and I’m back at square one! What’s a chick to do?

In this midst of all this confusion and frustration, a thought occurs. What if I didn’t accomplish the one thing I’m getting done daily? I’d be even further behind! So there’s a positive note for slow progress-it’s still progress.

Entrepreneurship and motherhood are still relatively new for me, and I know that I’m not giving myself the time curve to adjust. I know that I need to embrace the learning and growth process, but the inner kid in me wants it all, and she wants it all now now(maturity at it’s finest, right?)! So here I am, standing in my current truth-I’m not going to be immediately great at doing things that are new. I’m accepting the fact that now is NOT the time to give up because nothing is easy anymore; to keep trying, keep pushing forward and taking that daily baby step.

I am confident that there will be a day where I can breeze through things again; and the completed work will be amazing. But for now, I’ll take that slow progress over no progress.

Are you in a situation where absolutely no progress is being made? Often,the best thing to do is to ask for help. And,  if it’s in the social media and digital marketing arena, we can assist with propelling your business! Contact us today for a quote.

Yours in the Bond,

JRobinson, Owner and Founder JRobinson Digital Media Services


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