Do What’s within Your Control; He’ll Take Care of the Rest

Blog Graphic.pngSaturday, I made a road-trip  to my hometown to meet up with some friends at a festival. It was only meant to be a two-day stay; I planned on leaving Sunday afternoon. But I’m still here. Why? As I attempted to start my car to meet my friends Saturday, it wouldn’t start. After both my brother and the next door neighbor attempted to jump-start the car, we ended up having it towed to a auto-service shop. Now it’s Monday afternoon and they still have no clue what’s wrong with it. So what’s a girl to do?

I could easily sit here and mope; be on the verge of a panic attack; worry and fret. After all I’m human, and when my mind wanders to the things I should be doing at home, I’m only 30 seconds away from doing one of these things. But I’ve been praying since the day my car wouldn’t start; I know God will handle whatever I’m not able to do because He’s constantly looking out for me. He always handles the rest.

So I’ve decided to focus on what’s positive. Because I’m still here, I had another day to spend with my family. I had lunch with my brother and mom, then headed to the park with my brother to meet up with my cousin, her boyfriend and their daughter. That evening, I attended my hometown church and was able to greet and talk to people that I haven’t seen in a while. And today, as I wait, I’m spending time with my son; completing some work while he naps. I’m making memories that I should be thankful for, all because my car decided to not cooperate.


“Thanks for changing up the pace, God. This could have been just another ordinary Monday; but one negative occurrence led to several positive experiences. I choose to cherish these moments and let you take care of the rest.”-JRobinson


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JRobinson, Owner & Founder, JRobinsonDMS



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