Are You a Hustler?

The term ‘hustle’ has various meanings to people. To some it’s the ability to successfully complete all their responsibilities. Some attempt to outplay others with their ‘hustle’. Others think hustling is doing whatever it takes to support themselves and their families. None of these definitions are wrong;but there’s a different meaning for me. My hustle involves, perseverance, grit, and determination, and it means to do whatever it takes to help others achieve their goals using my God-given talents and gifts.

“How is this hustle, personal?”, you might ask. It isn’t internal and it’s not about individual success. My hustle brings me joy because I know that when I help others, God gets the glory. He works miracles through His children; unexplainable acts of good that lets one know only He could have done it. To be a change agent for God is the most amazing gift and experience that I could hold because God’s power is abundant! There’s no limit to the miraculous gifts and works He can do through His people!

And although God is in the miracle-working business, I still have to do my part (insert hustle). I still have to study industry trends and best practices. I still have to work on my communication skills; edit and re-write, practice and tweak strategy. I still have to wake up early to ensure everything I need to do for the day gets done. And there’s not a day that passes that I don’t have to think, plan, and implement, and execute.

My hustle drives on two-way street. As I work toward my goals, I do them in faith that God will carry me to the finish line. I’m not perfect; but if I act in His will, I am assured that things will work out. So when I put all my energy and efforts into helping others, they receive a blessing. My blessing is fulfilled in seeing their success, plus He continues to give me the daily abilities to keep doing His work.

So what does the term ‘hustle’ mean to you? Share your comments here! Also reach out and let us know if we can hustle for you! If you need help with creating and maintaining an online presence through social media and/or a website, contact us today for a quote on these services

JRobinson, Owner and Founder, JRobinsonDMS


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