Freedom is Taking Control of Your Desitny

follow the path to freedom


Freedom: It’s what we all claim to want. The freedom to choose, set your own schedule, and do whatever you want when you want. But freedom isn’t free; it’s cost requires sacrifice, perseverance, persistence and the ability to get back up after you’ve fallen for the 1,000th time.

Those who reach freedom’s goal aren’t the lucky or chosen ones. They are the people that had a dream and turned it into reality through hard work, sweat and tears, and a whole lot of faith. So what does the price of freedom look like? Let me paint a visual picture of the people who choose freedom.

She is the person that works while others sleep. He takes an extra hour to study for the test while his friends party. They take on a second or third part-time job to pay for their dreams.They choose to run the extra mile or stay after practice to shoot extra free-throws while their teammates have already returned home. He uses his lunch breaks to perform market research and draft a plan to establish his own business. She does household chores, feeds her family and puts the baby to sleep, then stays awake to work on the goals that will bring her freedom.

The work to achieve freedom is ugly. It’s like crawling through mud; walking on rocks; and getting burned a hundred times; but, it’s worth it. The person who gains freedom is now in control of his or her own destiny. Everything they did to obtain it are the skills they will rely on to keep it. This person now knows how far she can push herself to get what she wants. He knows there is reward in perseverance and not giving up.

Are you sure that you’re a freedom seeker? If so, what are you doing to achieve it? If you have a dream that you’ve implemented, let us help you promote it! JRobinson Digital Media Services started as a dream and it’s founder is free and in charge of her own destiny! We’re happy to help you do the same!

Keep chasing your dreams,

JRobinson, Owner & Founder, JRobinsonDMS

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