Change Your Narrative: Invest in Social Media



Every company has a story to tell; it’s what makes them unique and attracts customers. A ‘About Us’ page on your website helps potential clients dig deeper into your company history, but social media offers something that a website can’t: the engagement opportunity.

Direct Messages, replying to a complaint; retweeting with comments; receiving content through trending hashtags: there’s almost an endless list of options to reach your customer these days! Sharing and inviting others to the conversation through posting relevant content has changed the way businesses interact with their clients because social media positions your target audience to ask questions and provide feedback.

One tactic that will immediately set yourself apart is to be responsive to messages and questions posted on your social media pages. A research study recently performed by Sprout Social revealed 5 out of 6 messages received by brands go unanswered. Don’t be selective about who you respond to and simply reply to everyone, because you never know which response will contribute to obtaining a loyal customer!

Honesty and openness provides a human element to changing your narrative. It brings life to your company because clients now know what drives your company instead of just reading about it. They have the opportunity to experience that you mean what you say.

Let us help you tell your story! Sign up for our consultation and social media services today by clicking on the link below:

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