Finding Answers in a World of Uncertainty

Have you ever felt trapped and helpless? In an attempt to make things better, nothing falls into place? You take steps in faith to help better your situation, but you’re uncertain if what you’re doing is what you should be doing. Where do you go for the answer? Who provides the solution?

In the Bible study class that I’m attending, the teacher states that in order to understand your actions, you must develop a closer relationship with God and He will reveal these answers to you. This is an interesting concept, because I thought I had a solid relationship with God. I talk to Him aloud everyday, asking for help, thanking Him for successes, singing hymnals and reading daily scriptures. It leaves me wondering, “Is this not enough?” Show me the way, I’m in need of answers; and now (this is my conscience speaking; I promise I’m not yelling at you)!

This leads me to think about earthly relationships and drawing a comparison to how I interact with God. I have a small circle of friends; we’re pretty close. We don’t talk everyday; but when we call each other or meet up, it’s just like old times, when we used to be around each other daily. I know that God is with me because I see Him do things in my life that could only come from Him. So why do I have this pit in my stomach? Where does the doubt and uncertainty come from? How do I make it go away?

Positive change always makes me feel better. But what should I do in the interim-that holding period, where you’re putting in the work in hopes of seeing results, until something actually happens? This is where the uncertainty lies. Watching people, circumstances and situations fall apart around you enhances this feeling of being lost and helpless. So how do I take my eyes off the clutter and solely focus on God? I still have to walk and interact in this world, which is where these feelings come from. Life often makes you feel like you have to be superhuman in order for my circumstances to not have any influence over me.

The solution is to never take your eyes off God or your goals. In the midst of uncertainty and life’s daily chaos, one must stay focused to accomplish anything. This is easier said than done, because life gets really tough, but it’s possible, with help. You have to seek out the right resources for assistance in the areas where you are weak; this strengthens your chances to succeed and it betters your odds at winning!

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JRobinson-Owner & Founder, JRobinsonDMS.

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