Buffering…Patience is a Virtue


We’ve all run across the “Buffering…..please wait” message from time to time with slow Internet services. It’s that friendly little communication that tells us our electronic devices are working on processing our commands. Do you ever feel like your life is in  “buffering” mode? I know I sure do. There are plans, verbal agreements, and commitments that receive a “yes”; however, after the “yes” there’s a waiting period. And as you wait, doubt has the potential to settle in because you are unable to count on that agreement; it hasn’t been etched in stone.

It can often cause frustration and internal questioning because until you’ve sealed the deal, the other party has an opportunity to opt out. So what does one do when life literally puts you on hold?

God tells us to wait, and we know that patience is a virtue (Galatians 5:22). Plus, I’ve found that while you wait,if you keep pressing forward, continuing to make an effort toward your goals, those verbal commitments eventually turn into contractual agreements.  So until that pending status turns active, keep moving; keep working; keep going.

Does your business or non-profit need assistance during your buffering status? Let us help you lay the groundwork and foundation with plans as you wait to transition to active!

Jamilah Robinson, Owner & Founder, JRobinsonDMS


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