Clarity: It’s Why I’m Thankful

November is one of my favorite months because it hosts my favorite holiday-Thanksgiving.There’s a positive, predictable action during this time of the year. Every November, my social media news feeds are flooded with posts of the people and things my friends are thankful to have. Some people choose to publish a “I’m thankful” post with one item each day, while others choose to wait until the actual holiday to share their gratitude.

We often make common thank you remarks that include family, friends, happiness, and love; and don’t get me wrong, these are faboulous items to be thankful for; but after mentally walking in the dark for so long, I’m thankful that God turned on a light and provided clarity.

With clarity, I have defined who I am as a mother, wife, and business owner. Clarity has shed light on the people and things I’m passionate about. It’s because of clarity that I found my purpose. Clarity connected dots that I didn’t even know exsited and aligned them in the form of a plan. Thank you, God for clarity!

Have you found clarity too? Let us help you promote it online!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jamilah Robinson-Owner & Founder, JRobinsonDMS

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