Exodus 2015: A Departure and a New Beginning

Exodus: It’s the second book of the Bible, and in Latin or Greek means “a going out”. This book chronicles the events of the Israelites, God’s chosen people, as they “exit” Egypt in route to the Promise Land; and it wasn’t an easy path. There was Pharaoh, a ruthless, power-hungry, tyrant who enforced slavery on the Israelites; and each time he promised freedom, reneged on his word. And once the Israelites finally found an out, there was also the challenge of crossing the Red Sea. Nevertheless, God was with His people and he proved His presence through their “exodus”.

The inception of JRobinson Digital Media services began has an exit strategy but has transitioned into a relevant, purposeful new beginning. In an attempt to seek out meaningful, professional work, there was a discovery of the desire to help others represent their organizations with their best offerings. There have been (and still are) many obstacles to this transition; but after moving past internal reflections and angst ,and focusing on helping others, there has been progress. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the work God has called me to do. It is something that I enjoy; provides measurable results; and is a positive service to others. The launch of this business is a true departure from what I have known and with His help, will transition to a new beginning.

-Jamilah Robinson, Owner, JRobinsonDMS

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